Zing Origami - 2018

Blimp  2018
This Blimp is big improvement on my earlier Zeppelin. In addition to having nicer proportions, the Blimp is much more straightforwardly foldable from a variety of papers of different thicknesses and sizes. The way the nose locks is especially satisfying. The one shown here is made from 12″ Stardream, which is an excellent paper. It's thick and workable like Marble Wyndstone, but with a bit of sparkly luster.

My Platypus uses the same hex base as my Lizard, Turtle, and Armadillo. The main challenge here was to get a good looking head (and as always the shoulders). The model includes a color change for the bill, although you can't see it here because the model shown is folded from single-color paper.