Buzzy Tonic - Elixr  2014 - 2017

Elixr is the long-awaited third record by Buzzy Tonic. The whole record is now tracked and the rough mixes are complete, and the sound is funkier than ever. Final mastered mixes and CD are coming soon! I released Side 1 as an EP a while back. Those tracks are all remixed and much improved as well. (more...)
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The Haven Street Five  2015 - Present

Modern jazz quintet playing mainly originals, plus music from the likes of John Coltrane, Pat Metheny, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Chick Corea and many more. We're preparing to records our first studio record in early 2018. (more...)
Left Hook  2014 - Present

Music with a punch! LEFT HOOK is a bar and party band from Westchester, NY. We play classic rock, funk, soul and R&B. This is a really smokin' group, with a great sound and loads of great material. We have strong vocals, lots of harmonies, a slammin' rhythm section, tasty guitars, horns and keys, everything you need. (more...)
7 Jazz West  2013 - 2017

This modern jazz septet plays a variety of straight-ahead, hard bop, latin, and funk numbers ranging from Miles, Monk and Mingus to Jaco Pastorius, Horace Silver, Wayne Shorter, Hank Mobley, Clifford Brown, Joe Zawinul and more. I play tenor and soprano sax. (more...)
Day Trippers  2014 - 2015

A fun an energetic Beatles tribute band, we covered material from the full range of thier carreer from Beatlemania to psychedelia and even solo material. Featuring John Foote on guitar and backing vocals, Ken Mathews on bass, Rob Cassels on drums and yours truly on piano and lead vocals.
The Relix  2013 - 2014

Rock and Soul bar and party band based in Westchester NY. We played a mix a classic rock, soul and R&B from the 60's to the 21st century. I played piano and sax, and sang harmony and some lead vocals. When the band broke up I formed the group Left Hook with drummer Gus Monti.
Buzzy Tonic - Face The Heat  2010

Face the Heat is the second record by Buzzy Tonic, available from CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon. Moving ahead and breaking new ground with a diverse set of tunes. (more...)
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Buzzy Tonic - The Brothers Zing  2006

The Brothers Zing is the debut record album by Buzzy Tonic, on sale at CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon. Featuring driving rhythms, tasty jazz chords, out meters, and a sonic pallete of guitars, saxes and synths (more...)
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He's My Bear - Lou Barbera  2003

After an extended hiatus from recording projects, I participated as a guest artist on the new album He's My Bear by songwriter and performer Lou Barbera. Lou's recording debut is children's album that is both sweet and very funny. (more...)
Zing-Man Electronique  1993 - 1997

A varied collection of tracks, mainly for film, TV, video games, and CD-ROMs, from a time when music making technology was rapidly changing. I wrote, played most of the instruments, and produced. (more...)
Event Horizon  1988 - 1993

Modern jazz group with prog rock influences. Our original material ranged from superheavy to dancyfunky bootyshaking to mellow trippy ethereal. I wrote most of the group's music, played sax and electronic winds, and co-produced our studio recordings. Chris Sierzchula on piano and synthesizers, Keith Martini on guitar, Mark Colicchia on drums, and variously James Knight or Jim Wynne on bass. (more...)
Infinigon  1986 - 1988

Power prog party band from the Eighties. Rich Adlin lead guitar, Mark Colicchia drums, John Neumann bass and vocals, Stevie "Tumbleweed" Mineo lead vocals and acoustic guitar; I played keyboards, saxophone and vocals. (more...)
Musical compositions and audio recordings ©John Szinger. Published by Zing-Man Music, all rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction and distribution for commercial purposes is prohibited.