Zing Origami - 2004

A dragon in the Western (European) tradition rather then the Eastern (Oriental) style, this is the kind of dragon that breathes fire and has wings to fly on. The model features detailed body stance, head, tail, wings, claws, and exploits the possibilities of two-colored paper. The original (Classic) version from the late 1980's was one of my first successful designs. It featured a variation on the blintzed frog base. A few years ago I redesigned the model, concentrating on improving the head and wings. I added a jaw with fangs and eyes on the head and three-fingered claws on the wings. This is accomplished by dividing the paper in the 9ths rather than 8ths at the first step, and folding over an extra layer on 2 edges.

The Snapping Turtle is commonly found in ponds all over the Eastern United State. Made from a variation on hexagon base, the turtle features a detailed head and claws, and a segmented domed shell. This has proven to be a very popular model. However, unlike a real snapping turtle, this model features two rather than three hexagonal segments in the middle of the back.