Zing Origami - 2014

The shape is two intersecting cubes, and the color change makes each one of the cubes a different color. This means that the color changes need to alternate in a checker or zigzag pattern. The model begins with a 7-by-9 rectangle. It could be folded from a square, but then the first step is to fold two edges under.

Butterfly III  2014
A more advanced version of my Simple Butterfly, with legs and antennae.

Dimpled Dodecahedron  2014

The shape is a shape based on the regular dodecahedron, a platonic solid composed of twelve regular pentagons. The dimpled version replaces each face with a smaller, inverted pentagon, and each vertex with a sunken pyramid. This shape is equivalent to a semi-sunken variation of the Archimedean solid the Snub Dodecahedron. It is also interesting in the the convex edges describe six great circles.

Simple Butterfly  2014

A simple butterfly, foldable in just a few steps.

Simple Hawk  2014
A simple hawk. The base is similar to Simple Buttefly excpet rotated 45 degrees.