Rollercoaster Of Cheese  2009

Flash animation made by Lizzy and Michelle. See also Alternate Version

Pet Shop Mouse Trap  2008

Lizzy made this cute little stop-motion movie with the help of her mom. Enjoy!

Icthyometry  2006

A flash animation exploring fish and symmetry.

Footmation  2003

Series of short films exploring a new form of filmmaking.

I. Origins . II. Noir Vignette . III. Holiday Cheer
Ski Montage  Interval Research Corporation, 1998

A short film that features first-person POV action footage to illustrate the application of a computer-automated video editing technique based on motion characteristics of the video stream and a configurable narrative template. Music by Jhno.

For The Fans  Radical Media, 1996

Set of five animated TV commercials created for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. I did the sound design, original music scores and voice-over talent. Directed by Jules Tortelani.

Anthem . Chuck . T-Shirt . Foam Finger Dance . Wave
Layers  1994

"Layers" is a wholly computer-generated animation relating an epic saga of heroism and the primal struggle of life in a surrealistic allegorical microcosm. Co-created with Jesse Sugarman, back in the days before "Toy Story".

GigMe  1993

A recorded demo of a HipHoppera, an interactive music application developed at Viacom New Media. It features singing, dancing on-screen characters which the user could control with a mouse. I did the animation and interaction design, software development in Bounce, music composition, audio production, and system integration.