Zing Spew

Elixr Lyrics - Lyrics to the third album by Buzzy Tonic.

Face The Heat Lyrics - Lyrics to my 2010 album Face The Heat by Buzzy Tonic.

Vikings! Lyrics - Lyrics to my as-yet-unrecorded epic prog rock opera.

BeeZee Lyrics - Lyrics to my 2006 album The Brothers Zing, by Buzzy Tonic.

Foldinator Origami Modeler and Diagrammer - A paper I gave at 3OSME, the 3rd International Meeting of Origami Science, Math and Education, in Asilomar, California in 2001.

The Linguistic Anomalies File - Dedicated to the premise that our language is weird, quirky, and fun.

Word of the Day! - Get the Word of the Day!

A to Z - The text to an illustrated children's book I'm writing to teach the alphabet in a fun way.

The Perfect Shuffle - Number theory demos with a deck of cards.

On Composing Interactive Music - Issues, techniques and technologies of interactive music development, 1993.

Technology and Free Expression in Music - How opportunities for free expression of musicians have changed as a consequence of new music making technologies, 1993.