Buzzy Tonic

Buzzy Tonic is my home studio project and virtual band, a vehicle for my songwriting, musical exploration and artistic expression. The sound is mainly rock with strong influences of jazz, prog, funk and soul, and elements of metal, dance, pop and electronica. I have four completed studio albums, with more on the way.

I write most of the songs, record, arrange and produce, and play most of the instruments including vocals, piano and synthesizers, sax, bass, guitar and drums. From time to time I'll bring in guest musicians to help expand the palette of sounds and styles, and sometimes I'll cover or interpret a song written by or with friends and collaborators. Someday I hope to put together a live band to play these songs.

Plutonium Dirigible - Buzzy Tonic  2023

Plutonium Dirigible (or maybe Atomic Airship) is the working title of the upcoming fifth album from Buzzy Tonic. It returns to rock-oriented songs with lyrics, expanding the funky prog-pop palette of saxes and synths with greater use of electric guitars. (more...)

Bluezebub - Buzzy Tonic  2021

Bluezebub [Pandimensional Jazz Tesseract] is the fourth Buzzy Tonic record. In a departure from previous albums, it the songs are computer-jazz instrumentals, creative studio interpretations of a traditionally live-oriented style. (more...)
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Elixr - Buzzy Tonic  2018

Elixr (2022 Remaster) is the long-awaited third record by Buzzy Tonic. The musically adventurous sound combines elements of prog, jazz, and soul, with lyrics and songs exploring diverse topics and moods. (more...)
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Face The Heat - Buzzy Tonic  2010

Face the Heat (2018 remaster) is the second record by Buzzy Tonic, now remixed and remastered. Moving ahead and breaking new ground with a diverse set of tunes. (more...)
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The Brothers Zing - Buzzy Tonic  2006

The Brothers Zing is the debut record album by Buzzy Tonic. Featuring driving rhythms, tasty jazz chords, out meters, and a sonic pallete of guitars, saxes and synths (more...)
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