Zing Origami eBook
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Origami artist John Szinger shows how to fold 12 all original models in his first book Zing Origami. John has diagrammed models ranging in difficulty from simple to complex. Some use geometries of one-sixth and one-fifth, and polar or rotational symmetries. His innovative models included are Adirondack Canoe, Adirondack Chair, Octopus, Loon, Brown Bear, Butterfly, Hot Air Balloon, Asian Elephant II, Baluchitherium, Lizard, Snapping Turtle, and Fivefold Rose. These models can be folded from a single square, most from a six- or ten-inch sheet. Although they can be made from foil or wet-folded to bring out the sculptural aspects, it isn't necessary. Zing Origami is specially formatted for e-reader devices with a single step diagrammed per page.