Multimedia Playground

Hands-on sim allows you to interact with some of my favorite shapes in 3-D thru direct manipulation with the mouse or using the pop-up geek controls.
with graphic elements by BigTwin, 1999.

Variation of the classic Conway's Game of Life features mesmerizing, pulusing celular automata and realtime user control to create new life with the mouse. Available with sound and sans sound.

Exploration of linking together hand-drawn cel cylces to create simple character behaviors.

Move the balls in a circular motion with your mouse while contemplating cosmic mysteries and they'll resonate with cosmic energy. Very theraputic to restore health and a relaxed state of mind.
with artwork by Yoshi Sodeoka, 1994.

Realtime interactive virtual drummer. Just click around on the drums to make him play. Click on his head and he'll play a pattern he knows.

Interactive Hackey Sack, fun for sports fans and hippies everywhere. A realtime 3-D physics sim in a perspective 3-D environment combined with procedural character animation. Roll the mouse around the floor to walk around, and click to kick.

The classic game of skill and strategy, presented as a single- or multi-player video game, featuring a computer AI opponent, Pale Blue.

A fun-filled stroll through an enchanted forest featuring multiplane animation techniques. All seems safe, but hidden dangers lurk overhead.

Fortified with eight essential vitamins and minerals. Drag the mouse to navigate a 3-D rendered still life scene of my breakfast.
with artwork by Jesse Sugarman, 1994.

Senseless violence with surrealistic swirly day-glo colors! Drag the mouse to make the weird-looking good creature beat up on the weird looking evil creature.
with Mark Thompson, 1995.

First-person POV driving simulation. Move your mouse left and right to steer, and pull it up and down to control your speed. Try and pass slower moving vehicles, but be careful not to hit any oncoming traffic.
with artwork by Angela Fung, 1995

Pull the balls to the side, and watch them knock back and forth. Fascinating, huh?

A number theory demo which plots prime numbers in a square spiral to reveal patterns of their placement in the number line. If you have a really fast computer you might want to try the Hi Rez version.