Here's an idea for a story book for children to help them learn the alphabet in a fun way. It's a sentence where the first letter of every word makes the alphabet. After I did one I decided to make a bunch more to create a complete alphabet cycle. Illustrations coming soon.

A big cretaceous dinosaur exoskeleton fossil grants happily incredulous jeep kicking little madmen nothing over previously quarried remnants, save tabulations underestimating verisimilitude writ xenomorphic yet zippy.

Before computers developed extremely fast graphics hardware, inventive journeymen kludged linear mathematical notions onto precision quality rendering solutions to understand visualization with X Y Z axes.

Coming down euphorically from getting high, I just know letting my nasty opium pipe quaffing ritual supersede today's usual, various xeroxing yoyoing zigzagging activities blows.

Demonic exorcism fools God, holding in Jesus karmic lopsidedness, mentally noting one perplexing question -- rampant Satanism -- 'til underworld vampires wreak xylophone yodeling zither alphorn blaring cacophony.

From giant haggling iguanas, juxtaposed kangaroos, llamas, marmosets, nay, octopi propulsing quagmire ridden seas to underwater wasteland Xanadu yeti zoos, all beings can die eventually.

Glowing hot in joyous klaxoning let merry noggins overtly pervade quaint rosy spirits, though usually vicarious Xmas Yuletide zombies awaken before Canada day ever finishes.

Handslap into jukebox - klang! - lousy machine, no other proper quid, return slot taunts uncooperatively, vexing, whereupon Xerxes yells Zoroastrian affirmations because cash doesn't evoke funky gangadank.

I jot keen lines, my notes open passages quixotically, rote summaries to underscore voluminous weighty 'xistential yearnings, zeroing about big conundrums, deciphering even foolscap gospel homilies.

Jazz kings' languid mellow noodlings obfuscate percussiveness, quiet resonances sparkle through ululating voicings with xeric yelps, zydeco and bebop confluences dazzle enraptured fans, generating hopeful iconoclasm.

Kindly ladies make nice oven pies, quarrelsome rangetop savants take umbrage with xyloid yams, zucchini, and beets, crying "doesn't every fine gourd have its jam?"

Lynxlike minx nixes often phrased questions, relinking slinky thinking under vixen winking - yawning, zaftig and blinking, clinking drinks ensuring further gregarious hijinx - imbroglio jinxed kinks.

My new, overly polished Q45 raced superbly 'til undercover vicecops went "X"; your Z28, a beatup clunker, drove even faster - gangbuster hellraising in jalopy king luxury.

No other person quotes rambling socialist tracts unconsciously vetted with X-files yammering - zany alien bovine conspiracy doctrine - except fellow ghost hunting intellectuals joining kooky linguistic movements.

Obviously, publishing quarterly results since today's unexpected victory would 'xplain yesterday's zooming accusations before cagey, dispassionate, efficient fund guardians hoping investors' jittery kinetic lurches make news.

Pirouetting quite rapidly, seductively twirling, undulating vivaciously with XXL YKK zippers and buckled clasps decorating every fine gyration, her intense jiggling knockout lusty magick nearly overwhelms.

Querying recalcitrant support technicians - voided warranty 'xacerbating your zapped amplifier's blown circuits (during electrical failure) - garners helpdesk's irksome jest, knowing laughs, mentioning needlessly onerous policies.

Rearranging several thoughtful utterances' verbiage with x-actoed, yellowed, zigzagged and brittle cutouts, dovetailing euphemisms freely, gaining humorous insight, Joe Kid Lid made nearly one priceless quip.

Scientists tracing ultra violet wavelengths - xenon, yttrium, zinc and boron chemically doped emitters - find great holes in jejune kinsmen's laconic methodology, nearly obliterating preceding quantity research.

Typecasting unassigned variables with xor yields Z axis boundary conditions, delivering errors from global handlers including John's kludgey locus manipulation numeric operators, prompting quick rewrites suddenly.

Unnerved veterinarians warn: x-ray your zebras and boa constrictors daily, else fearsome giantism hormonal irregularities jeopardize kin lineages, making naught of painstaking quaint research subjects' taxonomies.

Void, without, "X", yang, zero, ambiguously bipolar cipher deterministic existentialism finds God, having infinite jest, knows luck means nothing, only probabilistic quantum randomness, something that's undefined.

Writing "xoxo, yours", Zoe, although ballpoint clicked, done, envelope fetched, grants herself instead jocular, knowing leeway, manuscripting neatly one postscript question: "relinking slinky thinking under vixen winking?"

X-wings & y-wings zoom aggressively, barnstorming chaotically down endless fiery gulches; hearing immaterial Jedi Kenobi, Luke maneuvers, nears, opens payload: quicksilver rebels sabotage the ultimate villainous weapon.

Your zany alphabet beguiles, conspicuously discombobulated: erstwhile first glyphs halfway in, "J, K, L", meanwhile, near outward periphery; quaintly rearranged sequence terminates unsatisfactorily, verily with "X".

Zymurgy attracts beer connoisseurs developing elaborate fermentation gizmos, however, inventor's juryrigged kits leak, making nominal output poor quality; result: stinking, terribly unappealing vat with 'xpired yeast.

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