Interval Research Corporation


I was a Member of Research Staff at Paul Allen's think tank, Interval Research Corporation from 1996 to 2000. The mandate of the company was to imagine a future of ubiquitous digital media, and develop technology and applications to realize that vision. I participated in numerous research and development projects that were quite forward-thinking for the time. Presented here are various applications, demos and papers representing my work.

MediaFlow - Authoring Tool for creating metadata-based media applications, 1996-1999

Ski Montage - Computationally assembles a video from footage captured with a special wearable camera pack, 1998

Music Lego - Assembles songs out of clips using constraints and musical morphing, 1998

LoopJammer - Record multiple audio and video loops in real time, 1998

Auto-Soundtrack Adaptation - Automatic generation of movie soundtrack from music clips with contextual metadata, 1997

Godzilla Movie Kit - Creates a movie using user-generated content and an adaptive template, 1997

AutoBuddy Movie Kit - Generates a movie from a network video game experience, 1996