Interval Research Corporation, 1998

As digital video hits the mainstream, products that combine media recording, playback, annotation, and assembly will become commonplace. For example, you might annotate a video as you watch or record it, or create a custom news show via a query.

The LoopJammer is a protoype that combines recording, playback, and combination of video and audio. The LoopJammer lets you record and playback up to 9 simultaneous video clips, typically a few seconds each. The first clip you record serves as a base video loop with which subsequent clips are synchronized. Since the first clip is playing while you are recording the next clip, it is easy to record yourself singing (for example) three part harmony.

The LoopJammer interface is remarkably simple. The camera and microphone are always on and recording. After the first clip has been recorded and is being looped, a new clip is recorded each time the initial clip is played. There is one main button labelled "Keep". If you click it, the current clip being recorded is kept and played with the other clips, otherwise it is discarded.