Design in Research & Development

Zing-Man Productions, 2001
The R&D Incubator Value Proposition

To create a new technology that addresses a human need, then encapsulate that technology in a product or service, and deliver it to the marketplace.
  • This is hard.
  • There are a lot of factors beyond your technology that matter.
  • Design is an important one.

R&D Activities
  • Research:
    • Develop new technology
    • Look for an application, market, or need
  • Advanced Development:
    • Prototyping
    • Intellectual Property Activities
    • Business Planning
  • Spin Off:
    • Biz Development
    • Product Development
    • Marketing, etc.


Enters into the process in a key way at a number of points.
  • Conceptual Design & Development: look for an application, market, or need
  • Software and Interface Design & Development: prototyping, etc.

Conceptual Development
  • Questioning, brainstorming, forming ideas, stating assumptions.
  • Sketching, storyboarding, modeling, etc.
  • Market research, demographic studies, etc.
  • Creating proposals, specs, and conceptual prototypes.

  • Is iterative, leading from the initial concept to a final, marketable product. Prototypes serve to elucidate many stages of the development process.
  • Can have different audiences, different goals, and therefore different requirements.
    • Technological / functional
    • User experience, value proposition, etc.
    • Investors, Biz dev, etc.

Designing for User Experience
  • Assumptions about users:
    • Why are they using this product? Leisure activity, professional tool, etc.
    • What are they like? Young/old, educated/motivated, early adopters, etc.
  • Assumptions about technology, platform, etc.
  • Experience: activity, flow, availble choices, metaphor, etc.
  • Functionality: UI, buttons, screens, control, feedback, etc.
  • Look and Feel
  • Testing, focus groups, learning, etc.

Various conceptual design sketches, scenarios, storyboards and patent application illustrations.

Recline - Interval Research Corp., 1999

EZ Video - Interval Research Corp., 1999

Beam2Me - DevLab, 2000