Levity Systems, 1993-1995

A Visual Programming Language based on an object-oriented dataflow model, Bounce was developed by David Levitt and others for creating realtime interactive simulations, synchronized music and animation environments using an intuitive drag-and-drop UI paradigm. Bounce's lineage includes Body Electric, a Virtual Worlds creation software system from VPL. I contributed to the design of the UI and software architecture, created numerous icons and other visual program elements, conducted testing, and wrote documentation, help screens, tutorials, and sample applications. I also used Bounce extensively in my work in musical simulation enviroments and designed new features for it to extend its capabailites.

A Bounce Application. The "Names" Window on the left holds a pallete of modules. To create a program in Bounce, simply drag icons onto the work area and connect them with wires by dragging the mouse. The Window "JohnsHead6.DM" is the top level DM (Dataflow Module) for the application, in this case a live animation puppet driven by audio input.

The animation in action.

A nested Dataflow Module for adjusting the data stream representing audio gain. Data types are color coded with black wires passing integers and red wires passing floats.

See also HipHoppera, an interactive music application authored in Bounce.