Shape Spinner I / Life Pulse

Interactive Multimedia Art Works, Zing Man Productions, 2001

These pieces are part of a series of interactive artworks I have been creating for the web. They emphasize playful and exploratory aspects of IU design. Both feature the use of gestural input; dragging the mouse is central to interacting with the screen environment. Built in Macromedia Director and Lingo.

Shape Spinner I

A hands-on simulation presenting a small assortment of my favorite geometric solids, and is notable for its use of 3D geometry. You can interact with the shapes either through direct manipulation with the mouse, or using the pop-up geek controls.

Life Pulse

This variation of the classic Game of Life features mesmerizing, pulsing cellular automata and realtime user control to create new life with the mouse. Musical accompaniment is generated algorithmically on the basis of the state of the automata.