Flying Fish  2017

Dreaming of escaping the snow and cold for the tropics. These fish really do fly, it's amazing to see.

photo by Bob Plotkin all rights reserved
Giant Squid  2012

These enigmatic cephalopods are famous for attacking sailing ships and challenging whales for dominance of the world's oceans in an ongoing struggle in the cold, black watery depths. Also they have among of the most advanced eyes in the animal kingdom. I invented this model almost by accident in a failed attempt to create a spider.
Diagrammed in:  Origami Animal Sculpture

Cuttlefish  2012

These enigmatic cephalopods are famous for their ability to rapidly change the color and pattern of their skin. They use their tentacles to capture prey and the frilly fins on the sides of their bodies to swim forward and backwards, and to hover. They also have very advanced eyes. Despite their name, cuttlefish are not fish, but mollusks.
Diagrammed in:  Origami Animal Sculpture

Octopi  2001

As one of the most advanced invertebrates or as a delicious appetizer, everyone loves the octopus. This model was spontaneously invented in response to a challenge at a party. With its rotational symmetry this model is a forerunner to the whole origami from space approach.