Medieval Dragon III  2004

A dragon in the Western (European) tradition rather then the Eastern (Oriental) style, this is the kind of dragon that breathes fire and has wings to fly on. The model features detailed body stance, head, tail, wings, claws, and exploits the possibilities of two-colored paper. The original (Classic) version from the late 1980's was one of my first successful designs. It featured a variation on the blintzed frog base. A few years ago I redesigned the model, concentrating on improving the head and wings. I added a jaw with fangs and eyes on the head and three-fingered claws on the wings. This is accomplished by dividing the paper in the 9ths rather than 8ths at the first step, and folding over an extra layer on 2 edges.

War Elephant (Oliphaunt)  2009

A fantastic elephant with a castle on its back, ready to march into battle. It essentially combines two different models into one sheet of paper. Once I had the basic approach to the tower worked out, I folded quite a number of prototypes to work out the placement and proportion of the tower with respect to the elephant body. The design of the tower creates pleats that run to the edge of the sheet where I use them to form a fearsome array of tusks.

Baluchitherium  2008

This hornless relative of the rhinoceros lived during the last ice ages. Taller than a giraffe, heavier than a modern elephant, the Baluchitherium may have been the largest mammal ever to walk the earth. Folded from the same size paper as the elephant, the two models will be to scale.
Diagrammed in:  Zing Origami