Butterfly III  2014

A more advanced version of my Simple Butterfly, with legs and antennae.

Simple Butterfly  2014

A simple butterfly, foldable in just a few steps.

Inchworm  2011

I was inspired to create this model after encountering a friendly inchworm in the woods on a camping trip. It's a color-change model. A regular sheet of 6" kami works well, and you can color the reverse side with a marker.
Diagrammed in:  Origami Animal Sculpture

Luv Bug  2009

Perfect for Valentine's day, this whimsical insect is a variations on my butterfly where the wings form the shape of a heart. It started as an attempt to make a satisfying ladybug, with a color change for the wings and again for the spots. Unfortunately the basic body plan was too different. The legs ended up in the wrong place and the wings were the wrong shape. But I was able to use that approach here, so here you go.
Diagrammed in:  Zing Origami

Butterflies  2006

A beautiful butterfly captured at the moment of spreading its wings and taking flight. This model is easily foldable from a six inch square, somewhat unusual for an insect complete with wings, legs and antennae, but the approach is lyrical and sculptural My model uses a waterbomb base, with two of the flaps forming the wings and the other two forming the legs After I'd finished designing the model with six legs, I learned that many butterflies have only four legs!