Flowerball  2015

Inspired by Meenakshi Mukerji's work in modulars, I set out to make a single sheet flower-ball. It is the 3-D evolution of the FiveFold Flower. Folded from a ~15" (35cm) sheet of "Grainy" paper I got the Brian Webb's Origami Shop. This turned out to be a great, high-performance paper for a demanding model. Very workable and holds its shape very well. I didn't have to wetfold the piece.

Fivefold Flower  2015

Setting out to make a single sheet flower-ball, I began with a simple pentagonal flower tessellation, which on it's own is a nice, low-intermediate model. You can fold a bunch of them and make an arrangement.

Flowercube  2015

The 3-D evolution of the Fourfold Flower forms the Flowercube.

Fourfold Flower  2015

A fourfold symmetrical version of the Fivefold Flower tessellation. Origianlly designed as a test to generate the Flowercube, it offers creative possibilities of its own.

Fivefold Rose  2002

This rose that features fivefold symmetry for a more natural appearance. The golden ratio is replete in many natural plant forms and the rose is no exception. The method for developing the pentagon is approximate but very accurate. The center of the pentagon is at the center of the paper.