Simple Hawk  2014

A simple hawk. The base is similar to Simple Buttefly excpet rotated 45 degrees.

photo by Bob Plotkin all rights reserved
American Turkey  2008

I wanted to created a detailed and realistic turkey. I tackled the subject because I have not seen an origami turkey out there that I like. Mine features a detailed head complete with wattle, a nice round plump body, a fan tail, realistic four-toed feet (better to make it stand), and some nice color change effects. This model features a detailed head with wattle, a tail with a fan of feathers, a sculpted body with wings, and feet with toes on which the turkey can stand and balance. The base is unique and interesting. The main base is something like a semi-sunken stretched bird base, except that it use 15 degree symmetry instead of 22.5. The proportion between the feet and the rest of the body is also based on a 15 degree ratio, which provides some nice symmetries.

Common Loon  2008

The Common Loon is a large waterfowl found in the wilderness lakes of Canada and the northeast United States. It is noted for its distinctive black and white plumage. Sighting a Loon is considered a sign of good luck and a healthy lake. Color-change models are always challenging. I had to abstract and simplify the loon's complicated back and white plumage. The stripe on the neck turned out to be the essential feature. To fold the Loon in its winter plumage use paper that is grey on both sides.