Asian Elephant II  2008

For thousands of years these graceful, majestic and intelligent creatures have been an important force in human civilization. Elephants make a particularly fun subject for origami. This model uses a variation on my Bear Base for the body, with the sculptural 3-dimensional head.

Black Bear (Brown Bear)  2008

The Black Bear (a.k.a. Brown Bear) is a familiar denizen of forests of the Northeastern United States. Campers must be careful to secure their food, or risk providing the bears with a free meal and an unexpected close encounter. This model is the origin of my Bear Base, which is useful for many four-legged animals with a short tail and a detailed head. My bear features a realistic, sculptural body and stylized claws.

Adirondack Moose  2008

The moose is the largest living member of the deer family, and is easily distinguished by its distinctive antlers. This was a fun and challenging model to design, particularly since my approach focused on simplicity, on the animal's posture, attitude and essential character rather than technical complexity. The design came together quickly as my initial idea turned out to be a good one. The model also has the virtue of standing well on four legs without wanting to tip forward or buckle, since the legs are developed from points in the middle of the paper.
Diagrammed in:  Origami Animal Sculpture

Foxy Fox II  2011

This is one of my more impressionistic models. It makes use of a color change effect for a puffed-out tail and ears. I had an earlier version that never fully satisfied me because the body proportions were not sufficiently fox-like. A simple change in the location of the pleat at step 12 was just the thing to make the back longer, the legs and ears a bit shorter, and the whole appearance more foxy.
Diagrammed in:  Origami Animal Sculpture