Domes  2015

Explorations into various space-themed domes, including the Moon Dome and Radar Dome. Not shown are the Observatory, which includes a sliding ridge revealing a telescope lens; Dirigible Hangar, an elongated dome with retractable doors on one end; and Radio Telescope, which is not really a dome but the central dish from the Radio Satellite on a posable stand.

Castle (Armory)  2009

After I designed my origami tower I realized I could combine several towers on one sheet to form a castle. I came up with a bunch of prototypes with several successful layouts. The Armory is a square configuration with a large tower in each corner.

Castle Explorations  2009

The cool thing about using a tessellation as a base is that it basically gives you a small square in the middle of your main square. The number, size and position of the small square can be manipulated, so it is very flexible. The first is the Grand Castle. It features a large central tower surrounded by a wall with four smaller towers at the corners. Once I started folding it I realized that I would also have a tower in the center of each edge wall, resulting in a total of nine towers. A second version, called the Armory is a single block of a building with four towers in the corners and no central tower. The third, the Castle Keep, consists of six towers in two groups. In the front is a gatehouse flanked by two small guard. In the back is a a large tower with a hall on each side. In between is a central courtyard. I'm thinking I can combine the castle technology with some ideas from the Origami from Space series to create all kinds of domes and spires, and virtually any kind of architectural structure. .

Tower  2009

I had the idea for some time to make an origami War Elephant, with a castle on its back, and maybe some bigger tougher tusks and other scary-looking armaments. The tower I had in mind had crenulated battlements ringing the top, and something resembling arches on the sides. The base is a tesselation. This simple tower has all the edges of the paper along the bottom of the tower, making it easy to embed it in a larger square.

Dollar Sphinx and Pyramid  2009

I was hanging out with Won Park and came up with this as dollar challenge.