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Biplane  2015

Far less complex than other Biplanes out there, my Biplane is still on the complex side for my airplanes and spaceships. The form can be adapted into several other aircraft including a Seaplane, in which the lower wings become pontoons. It uses the same base as the Radio Satellite, with the propellor formed from the center of the paper.

Jet Airliner  2015

I wanted to make a realistic looking jet plane. Arriving at a rough plan was easy but alot of effort went into refining the proportions. I tried various combinations of engines, landing gear and other details, but in the end decided none of them were worth the added complexity and I went for a clean. streamlined look. At some point I might make an advanced version with detailed engines out of a different base. Itapos;d need a whole apos;nother flap the size of the wing.

Supersonic Transport  2015

A nice intermediate level model with good proportions and folding sequence. Perhaps this airplane's most famous flight was the one in 1985 that carried drummer and vocalist Phil Collins across the ocean to open the Live Aid concert in Wembley Stadium in London and close it RFK Stadium in North America sitting in with a (temporarily) reunited Led Zeppelin.

Rocket Plane (Space Plane)  2015

After designing my Flying Saucer (U.F.O. II) and Retro Rocket (Rocektship III), I was on a roll, so I came up with this air and space craft, based on a plane I saw at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in the experimental hangar.

Flying Wing  2015

The Flying Wing, like the Rocket Plane was inspired by some of the experimental aircraft I saw out in Ohio on a trip to the National Air Force Museum after the Centerfold convention.

Quadrocoptor  2015

I made this out of the program at a concert I went to for my kids. Alot of the acts weren't very good but I couldn't just get up and leave. Uses the same propeller concept as the biplane, but four times.

Zeppelin  2010

This model completes the Origami from Space series (at least until I think of another). A lot of experimentation went into the design. It uses a modified approach to the polar symmetry layout. Only 2/3 of the paper is used in the main airship hull, the rest is for the gondola.

Hot Air Balloon  2007

Complete with a gondola, this model extends the Origami From Space approach to terrestrial curvy flying objects. A stand can be made from an Easter egg dipper or the wire cage from a champagne bottle. Placing a marble or small stone in the basket will give it weight to keep it stable in the stand.