Adirondack Canoe  2008

Cutting through the cool smooth waters of a Northern lake, almost silently; the only sound is the slight splash of the oars. Around the next bend you might spot a butterfly, a loon, or even a moose. This canoe features a full three-dimensional, sculptural design, and even has a little bench.

Adirondack Chair  2008

Nothing beats relaxing out on a deck or by the side of a lake, watching the butterflies and lizards glide on by. This model took a fair amount of experimentation with the proportions and with the detail on the backrest.

photo by Bob Plotkin all rights reserved
Lean-To  2012

This kind of shelter is open on one side and usually built of logs. It is ubiquitous in state parks in the northeastern United States. It I have fond memories of camping at them in the Adirondacks.
Diagrammed in:  Origami Animal Sculpture