News on the Street

It’s Thanksgiving break, and I feel like I have alot to be thankful for this year. Things are generally good for my loved ones and my overall situation, and goals I’ve been working towards for years have been showing signs of progress and paying off. Of course its easier to feel good about life when you’re relaxed. This is my first break since the start of the school year in September, and we’ve been taking it easy and getting things done this weekend. No big travel or entertaining, other than going to Jeannie’s folks for Thanksgiving day. Played a fun game of Earthopoly (Monopoly with a “go green” spin) with the kids. Jeannie and I both went bankrupt early, and it was and epic battle between Lizzy and Michelle.

I got a nice big block of time to work on music. I re-recorded, edited and mixed the vocals the song “Angel or Alien” (soon to be renamed “U.F.O.”). It sounds much better and this makes six out of nine songs ready for mastering.

I kicked off the this winter’s home improvement project cycle. We have four projects on the slate and I thought I would tackle the easiest one first and knock it off the list this weekend. It was just to shore up some towel bars in the bathroom that were coming loose from the wall. However one thing leads to another and jobs are not always that simple. I took off the first bar and put in a new stronger wall anchor. But then the towel bar would not go back on to the mount since the new anchor had a bigger screw head and the towel bar would not fit. Bad design. We had to get a whole new set of towel bars and rings. The dimension were just different enough that it meant drilling new holes and painting over the place where the old mounts came up. So it turned into a three day job. But whatevs, it’s done now. Woo-hoo. Three to go.

One nice surprise this week is that the town paved our street, so we went from having the bumpiest, potholiest street in town to the newest, smoothest one. Immediately the kids started clamoring to go out rollerblading, but it was sort of rainy for a couple days, so it had to wait until the weekend. We finally got a chance to play outside. Lizzy recently got her cast off her arm, and immediately did some cartwheels, something she’s been pining to do for weeks. The weather has been really mild all November, and we still are picking fresh parsley from our garden and believe it not have roses in bloom.

Now we’re turning the corner into December. Looking at three intense weeks of work and everything, then a short week and some time off for the holidays.