Origami Heaven

Winter coldness continues. We had a couple days last week where the temperature got well above freezing and everything melted, then it shot right back down again. Snow expected again tomorrow.

This weekend Jeannie and I went to the Origami Heaven convention in Stoney Brook, LI, sponsored by the Long Island Folding Enthusiasts (LIFE). It’s among the smaller conventions, but a really good time. It’s at a nice hotel, so there’s a really good breakfast and a comfy bar on-site. Lunch and dinner is catered by the hotel for the convention, really good food. I only with I had a chance to use the hot tub!

I taught my Monoplane and my Flying Fish. Both of with went over well, and teaching them allowed me to refine both the model and the folding sequence. I took a few classes including Paul Frasco’s Gnome. Inspired by Michael LaFosse’s brass origami squirrel, Paul is teaching himself how to make cast resin sculptures out of his models, and experimenting with materials and techniques. So far he’s made a Duck (naturally!) and a multi-part Lion. It turns out you can mix grains of metal in with the plastic and come out with a material that had some metallic shine and some serious heft.

In other news, I’m in the process of review the comps from my publisher for my Origami Air and Space book. There are a few minor layout an alignment issues, but overall it’s looking really good. The cover is just great!